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Big Jake

Hello?! Where are you?

Alright you, it's my turn to find a person or family of my own.

I'm about 8 years old and due to various circumstances (none being my fault, of course!) I've been moved from foster home to foster home over the past 3 years. Some of it was because I was on the west coast. There's not a lot of movement for pointers out there and all the people who thought they wanted me were on the east coast. It was too far away for me to go. Well, now I'm in my 4th foster home and I'm on the east coast. So let's get a move on!! I want my family!

I'm a sweet boy and I love attention. I'm not afraid to ask for it either, but that just makes me all the more lovable. You can't get away with not giving me lovins, I won't let you. So be prepared to LOVE me!!

I'm a good boy. I'm housebroken and I know some basic obedience . I am crate trained, but I don't really like to go in. But, if there's a cookie involved, I can be convinced. I listen pretty good when I'm not supposed to be doing something and I come when I'm called (although I haven't been tested off-leash)

I do like to chat with you and have been known to sing for the right occasions. I have a good voice though. It's deep and more like a woof than a high pitched bark like some dogs have.

They have lots of toys here called Kongs. I really like them. I carry them around a lot. I play with them too. I will fetch a few times, but mostly I take them to the people and lie down on my back so they can rub my belly with the toy in my mouth. Doesn't that sound like fun? I will play with other dogs, but I sometimes grumble when they get too close to my toys. Lily and I wrestle! It's great fun.

My only bad habit is I like to shred things like my blanket and an occasional piece of junk mail. My new fun thing to do is to carry the food dishes outside. The people laugh cause it looks funny. I keep telling them the dishes are EMPTY!! Geez! What's it take to get a bowl of food around here? Maybe if I bang them across my crate door…..

Oh, I do prefer to be on the couch rather than the floor, but who doesn't?!?!

So that's me in a nutshell. I say enough is enough. I deserve my very own family that will love me and keep me FOREVER! So how about you? I'm Waiting.

If you would like to give Jake the loving permanent home he deserves, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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