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Sweet Sue

You can tell from Sue's photos, she's had a sad, difficult life! She was with a pointer backyard breeder who was heavy handed on the electric collar (I heard this through the grapevine) so maybe that's why she is so shy and timid. She has some natural instinct, but she cowers when approached and breaks her point. With time and patience she might hunt well. She is not gun shy, she is people shy. Once she realizes you aren't going to hurt her, she will crawl in your lab and accept loving. I got her out of the pound when a kennel opened up at my farm. She is not obedience trained but would probably learn quickly. She gets along with other dogs. She has had one litter, but I've spayed her and given her all her shots and tested her for heartworms (she is negative).

Wouldn't you like to help make the rest of Sue's life a happy one by giving her a loving, forever home?? If so, contact Kasandra Garner at (256) 599-9649 or kasdogs@yahoo.com

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