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The Importance of Being ERNIE!!!!!!

Hi! Howyadoin?
     Can I have that?
         Are you sure?
             How 'bout this?
                 Really? COOL!!!
                     Watch me runrunrunrunrunrunrun with it!

OK, that was fun - can I carry that for you now? PrettyPrettyPrettyPlease?? Can I?? Just a turn or two around the yard, that's all I ask!

Got a lot of energy? Like to run? How 'bout a friend I can play with? All of the above would be great! My name's Ernie and I am important! At least I think so - and I'll be happy to let you know that too, when I get up in your lap and demand your attention. I'm very smart - I know how to unlatch a fence. I'm pretty athletic and agile too - I can climb chain-link fence! My foster parents say that I need privacy fence or maybe invisible fence? Not sure what that is, but it sounds exciting!

Let's see - I guess I better cover the basics. I'm about 2 years old (I think - maybe even younger than that, I'm not real good at telling time). I had heartworms when I first got rescued, but I got treated and now I'm all better. I was rescued in Kansas City, but I got to fly in an air-o-plane and now I'm livin' it up in Maryland. I am neutered and up to date on all of my shots. I'm also housebroken and crate trained. I have to eat in my crate because I get really excited whenever there's food around and I eat reallyreally fast, but I don't really mind. I sleep in my crate at night too. It's all comfy and cozy.

I really like it here at my foster home, but there's lots of doggies here and I would love some more individual attention. OK, let me be honest - I NEED more individual attention. Like I said before, I'm really smart, I just need some focus and I know I would do great in an obedience class, or maybe agility! Yeah, that'd be fun!!

If you'd like to make Ernie an important part of your life, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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