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Hi. My name is Bosco. I am a very smart, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky 2-3 year old liver and white pointer boy. I am neutered, up to date on shots, and heartworm negative. I had to go through treatment and it wasn't too much fun. I get along with any dog that I meet and I do okay with cats. I sort of like to chase them but I mean them no harm. I LOVE TOYS!! Can I say that again? I LOVE TOYS! I must have something in my mouth anytime I am outside because you never know when someone might want to play tug-of-war or fetch. I also love to parade around the back yard and show off my toy and do my love growl thing. I only do this when I have a toy in my mouth and it is pretty cool. I have a very large vocaublary and I love to talk to you. I am not a barker but a talker and I only speak when I have something to say. I love my best friend Alexis who is my foster pointer sister. She is so cool and so much fun to play with that I hope my new home has another pointer or high energy dog I can be best friends with and play tug of war and stalk and point in the back yard. Alexis mostly stalks and points me and I run around the back yard like a big goofball. Everytime she flinches like she is going to chase me I take off even faster. My foster parents die laughing at us when we do this and my foster mom wishes she had this much energy to burn off so many calories. I get extra helpings to keep the weight on me, hehehe. I am crate trained but am still working on housetraining. I am very smart but there in an incontinent dog in my foster family and it is monkey see monkey do. Once I am in a home where everyone goes outside I will pick right up on it I know it. I am so cute and a big cuddle bug. I love my people and other dogs. I would love somewhere I can run and play with my new canine brother and sister. I would be a wonderful agility dog, or a good dog for obedience school so I can learn all the cool tricks. Please pick me if you are thinking about adopting a pointer. You won't be disappointed I promise! Fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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