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Buck is a neutered two year old male English Pointer. He is heartworm negative, free of G. I. parasites, micro chipped and U.T.D. on his shots. Buck was surrendered to Citrus County Animal Services (Florida) sometime in late 2004. He was rescued by a private "no kill" shelter named "Room for One More" in late December 2004 who contacted P.R.O. We received Buck as a P.R.O. foster in early February 2005.

When Buck came to us he was extremely shy and underweight. It seemed pretty clear that Buck was rough handled and had experienced a hard life. He was hand shy and appeared fearful of most physical contact. Well, we are happy to report that has changed. Buck still startles easily but he has become a snuggle bunny. He is a sweet, well mannered gentleman who has quickly adapted to living in a home. Buck is now housebroken. He is respectful of our senior female Weimaraner and tolerant of our exuberant two year old female English Pointer. Buck has not shown any hint of aggressive behavior. He is shy with men and small children. He is friendly with guest dogs. We have not had the opportunity to observe Buck with cats.

Shortly after Buck came to live with us we observed him limping and not weight bearing on his left hind leg. Our vet examined him for this problem which included X-rays of his hips. The X-rays show moderate to severe hip dysplasia; the left hip being worse than the right. Our vet rated Buck's hips, ("6" being the best and "1" being the worst) he gave Buck a "2.5 to 2". Our vet's prognosis is that Buck will do very well with a left Femoral Head Ostectomy (estimated cost $800 to $1,200) when needed. At the present time Buck is on Rimadyl and Glucosamine which seem to have given him some relief for his hip pain. Buck also receives one daily Pet-Tabs vitamins and monthly Heartgard and Advantage.

Buck is a wonderful companion. He loves to hunt and play in our large, fenced backyard. Given Buck's history we believe that an electric fence and any type of shock collar is not appropriate for Buck. With "TLC" Buck will continue to grow and thrive.

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