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If They Could See Me Now...

Jake's Song
(to the tune of "That Little Gang of Mine")

If they could see me now,
That little gang of mine.
They’d shake their heads and say
“I can’t believe my eyes!”
“Is that the dog we knew as Jake?
Who’d hide in his house and quiver and shake?”
Well, just look at me now!
I’m not the same at all!
How I love to run and play with my ball!
All I need is a forever home
To keep singing this happy song!

Jake seemed to begin his life singing the blues. This 2-year-old lemon and white male was born on a Georgia hunting plantation. Although his physical needs were taken care of, Jake did not get the socialization or attention he needed, which caused him to be extremely shy and timid of people. He was surrendered to a veterinarian to be put down when it was decided he was unable to hunt. The veterinarian contacted a PRO volunteer and Jake is currently living with a foster family in Warner Robins, GA.

It has taken time, love and patience before Jake learned to trust his foster family enough to come up for ear rubs and back scratches. He spent the first few weeks hiding in his dog house. With the help of his foster family’s pointers, he began playing with a tennis ball, running and learning to be a happy dog. For the most part he gets along with all of the dogs, although he is protective of his food. He now will follow his foster mom or dad around the yard. He has yet to be housebroken, because he is not yet sure about staying inside for a lengthy time. He is just now getting accustomed to coming into the house.

Jake has come such a long way since he first came into PRO's care. His foster family believes he will need an understanding and patient family to help him adjust to a new home and continue with his progress. However, with the progress that Jake has made already, his foster family has hope that he will find his forever home.

If you think you might be the person to help Jake add another verse to his happy song, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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