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Bella is a 2-year old, female English Pointer. She was found last fall abandoned by an area lake, starving and with 2 puppies. They were all taken to a shelter where the puppies were adopted. In spite of her difficult past Bella is full of fun and energy! One of her favorite things to do is play in the backyard with my daughter and our other dog. She recently participated in my daughter's birthday party by playing tag and "dancing" with the girls. They even got Bella to go down the slide! She is a very sweet-natured, loving dog and always eager to please. Bella is also learning some basic commands such as "sit", "shake" and "stay". She will make an excellent and loyal pet, and gets along especially well with children and other dogs. She has a lot of love to give!

To add Bella to your family, please contact Susan at susansn@sbcglobal.net

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