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Melody is a 2-3 year old female Pointer who was rescued by a wonderful person who took her and her ten puppies out of a very bad situation. As you can see from her pictures (taken the day she came to us), Melody was nothing but a bag of bones, but from the very beginning as been just as gentle and sweet as she can be. On the day they were brought to us we were with her and her pups giving them canned food and kibble (pups were about 4 weeks old). Melody started to eat, but when the pups dove into the food pan Melody stepped back to let them eat which told us volumes about her gentle and nurturing nature. We are giving Melody and her pups lots of TLC, food and vitamins and the puppies are doing great and Melody is starting to put on some weight. Melody's coat is in good condition amazingly enough as are the pups. Now the pups are probably mixes as some are all black or black with white, but a few look like little Pointers and they are doing amazingly well. We haven't been able to check out Melody with other dogs yet, but our guess is she will be great with children and other animals. Melody deserves a lifetime home full of love where she can learn to play and be a sweet and special couch potato with her family.

Humane Society of Elmore County
255 Central Plank Road
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Contact: Rea Cord

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