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Looking for More Than the Bare Necessities!

My family certainly named me right - Iím a big olí bear! They left me at animal control because they were moving. I guess the state where they are moving doesnít allow dogs or something, because why else would they have left me? Iím around 2 to 3 years old and a liver pointer. I am a very huggable, lovable boy. Iím very soft and sometimes give kisses. I do jump up on people, but do it very gently. I just like to be close and give hugs. My foster mom just loves my face and says I have soulful brown eyes. I was recently fixed and am getting over the idea of marking my territory. Iíve basically got the housebreaking thing down and have started going to the door when I need out. I still slip once in a while, but Iíll get it.

My foster parents think I was an outside dog. They are working on my house manners. Iím about 56 pounds, but that doesnít stop me from being a lap dog. The other patrons chuckled while I was at the vetís office because I managed to work myself up and sit on my foster Dadís lap. I need a lot of supervision right now cause Iím not sure what I am allowed to pick up and what Iím not. I thought if I could reach it, it was fair game, but my foster parents tell me thatís not the case. So they put up the remotes and other non-Ballou things to try and show me which toys I can play with. Iím still not too sure about them. I have tried a few times to get the other dogs here to play by barking and pouncing at them, but they arenít too much fun. I had as much fun barking and pouncing at the chair!

Iím looking for a person who would like to pet me a lot and who could help me learn about toys. I am crate trained, but could use an obedience course so I can be the best dog ever.

If you want to bring Ballou into your home, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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