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A Lil' Bit Cute!

Iím cute! Iím cute! IíM CUUUUUUUUUTE!

My foster parents say it ALL the time. I suppose they are right, but I donít really care. Iím all about fun! I'm Karli (a.k.a. Lil' Bit)! I am about 7 months old and still very puppyish. Iím only 35 pounds, but I havenít grown into my feet yet! I love toys! The toys here are the BEST EVER!! Thereís rope chews and kongs and stuffed things and bouncy things and they are awesome!! I carry them around the yard and am soooo proud that I have them. I love to run and wrestle with one of my foster brothers. We play all day!! I like being outside in the sun with him. We play hard, then nap, then play some more. Then at the end of the day, there's nothing I like better than cuddling up and falling asleep in someone's lap.

I am crate trained (and very good about it too.) I have not made a mess in the house since Iíve been here. Sit is the only command I know so far, but Iím ready to learn. Iím VERY birdy. I donít know if Iíve been exposed to gunfire, but noises donít seem to bother me. I will pick up things Iím not supposed to, but hey, if itís where I can reach it Ė itís fair game! But, Iíll learn what I can play with and canít play with if I get some guidance. I do like to dig too. That may take some work, but part of it is that there are critters under the ground!! I have to find them! My foster Mom said sheíd rather I didnít find the moles, but itís so fun!

I have fun here, but Iíd like a family of my own to love, snuggle and play with. An energetic dog friend would be nice too. So, if you think I might be the pup for you Ė fill out an Adoption Application. Well come on!!! What are you waiting for?! Iím ready to come zoom around your yard!!

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