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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Sweet, Sweet, Rose was rescued from a shelter in Nashville and is now being fostered in Connecticut. She is about 5 years old , has been hunted over, had several litters, and now wants to retire with a forever family who would just love her. She is spayed, fully vetted, heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative, and Frontline. Rose gets along with her foster bother and sister so a home with another dog would not be a problem. She does show interest in the cats in the house, but is not harmful to them. She loves to be petted , but is not overly pushy for affection. She will wait in line for her turn for some loving. She is crate trained and will even go to her crate when she wants comfort. Rose likes to chase balls and will bring them back to you if she has not decided to bury them in the yard. She has not attempted to jump a 5 ft fence nor try to dig her way out.

Rose loves to take walks and enjoys the outdoors. She responds very good to commands such as come, this way, whoa, and wait. We use an electronic collar and it is my guess that she has used one before during her hunting years since a tone will bring her back if she gets distracted.. She does not attempt to bolt out the door and we are now working on a sit command. I do not feel that Rose has had much indoor life, but she has adjusted very nicely to household rules. She does not counter surf, search the trash containers, get on the couch, or a bed. She likes to play with the dog toys, but will occasionally try to grab a sock or shoe. When she first arrived if you scolded her for this behavior she would hide and show fear, but now she knows a no will not bring any abuse. She has had two accidents in the house, but that was during her adjustment period, and I really consider her housebroken.

Rose is very comfortable riding in a car and looks forward to her daily ride to the park. She is a very sweet, lovable girl.

If you would like to bring Rose into your life, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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