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Cody's Looking for a Family to Love

Cody is a very lucky orange and white pointer dog to have found a second chance through PRO. Cody is neutered and the vet estimates that he might perhaps be between 5-7 years of age. It is a guess on our part because we're not sure of what Cody's life was like prior to rescue. Although Cody's foster mom suspects that mayby Cody may have faced some rough storms in his life prior to his coming to PRO (he had a b-b from a gun embedded in his ear and bears some scars on his neck from some mishap in his life prior to coming to PRO). Even though Cody might have faced some mishaps, Cody has endured and remains a positively loving and devoted sweetheart.

Kind of like a "zen-dog", Cody lives in the present moment and he takes time to fully sniff the flowers, he enjoys the sunshine, will frolic under a softly falling snow, he snuggles with my other dogs, watches the birds gently, leaves no dog bone un-gnawed, and Cody seems like he wants to fully love his person and takes delight in his daily nature walks on leash alongside his favorite person. Although I don't know what kind of field hunting experience Cody had prior to foster care, Cody seems more like the type of pointer who is ready to enjoy a slower pace of curling up with his people and radiating positive energy while basking in the joys of a loving forever home. Although Cody isn't lazy or boring, I don't think Cody aspires to be a daily jogging companion.

Cody has blossomed into a confident dog since he has been treated with only the upmost love and kindness since he's came into foster care. Initially, he was kind of shy; and yet, when he learned that he would be touched only with caring hands and spoken to with love and kindness here in his foster situation, Cody's proven to be a total love bug who absorbs and devotedly returns tenfold, all of the love and positive energy directed his way. Cody follows his person around adoringly and respectfully, all while maintaining dignified manners of a true and peaceful gentleman.

Cody has delightful markings and his foster mom thinks of the special orange shaped spot near his collar area as a lucky four leaf clover or happy flower. Cody's foster mom noticed that Cody even bears his own pointer version of the third eye forehead spot marking the ajna chakra (sixth chakra)! According to online Wikipedia, in Indian and East Asian Iconography, this dot appears as a mark on the forehead near the eyebrows of deities or enlightened beings. Since pointers don't have eyebrows, foster Mom thinks its perfectly acceptable that Cody's forehead dot is technically a bit higher than the brow line. Cody wagged his tail with delight when his foster Mom told him he has the markings of a a lucky four leaf clover and an "enlightened being" because it all sounded like a good thing to the endearingly sweet "Mr. Codey-Odey-Oh." Yes, in the presence of this dog you may catch yourself inspired to lavish happy pet names and sweet talk upon him.

There is a saying that "a well mannered dog is a pleasure to be around." Cody is indeed a pleasure because he is well behaved in the home, in the car, and when out in public meeting people and other animals. When walking Cody on leash at the dog walking park, people often comment on Cody's polite grace and dignity. Sweet Cody will plop down into a sit (without being told) while meeting a new person. Cody is good on leash and will follow along gently without dragging his person. He is excellent in the car; he'll lay down quietly on the back seat and he'll soon nap away contededly while you drive the car.

Cody's foster Mom delights in Cody's gentle presence; it is a 24/7 pleasure to be around this dog because he is joyful and content in a very centered way. Since coming to foster care in NY, Cody has learned to be very reliably housebroken. Initially, he marked a couple of times in his first week in foster care; we've worked on that and Cody hasn't had any accidents here since that first week. He's doing great!

Cody treasures being touched by gentle hands and hearing kind words of appreciation. Cody loves to be shown attention and a benefit of his maturity is that he is calm in nature such that Cody will go and lay down quietly when his foster Mom is busy with work and other tasks. Although Cody has been allowed on the furniture and will cuddle up with the other pointer dogs on the sofa and on the bed, Cody also likes his crate and Cody will voluntarily go in there on his own volition in order to curl up and take nap whenever the mood strikes. He responds to the command "Cody Kennel up" and he complies by walking right into his crate. He's a good boy and sometimes anticipates commands and seems very eager to please.

Cody doesn't attempt to jump the fence here and he loves to romp around and play with the other pointers here as long as they don't get too rough. He only wants to get along with everyone and if an other dog gets dominant or pushy with Cody, Cody will give in and only wants peace.

Cody is not a high energy dog; he exhibits midlevel or moderate energy level; therefore while outdoors, he takes a brisk and brief little romp, might do some bird watching of the area songbirds within his foster mom's safely fenced in yard, and then Cody's happy to come into the house and will be quite content to curl up on the couch and sit quietly with you.

At bedtime, Cody likes to snuggle and he doesn't hog the bed and sleeps quietly near his person. Sometimes he likes to touch people while he is being petted and sometimes he will hug people gently with his front paws as if he is embracing them and basking in their admiration. He does it very gently and will get down if you ask him to. Besides the kennel up command, thus far Cody has learned sit, come, and no.

At outdoor bathroom break time within the fenced in yard, Cody lets me know when he's done because he'll bark at my back door to alert me that he's ready to come back inside, he's usually the first to want to come back in because he wants to be with his people!

Cody is crated when his foster Mom goes out on errands and Cody doesn't cry, bark, or act destructive while she is away from the home. He is a very good boy!

The only foible and thing Cody can't seem to resist is if I mess up by leaving a perfectly good toasted peanut butter bagel unattended on the kitchen counter. "What, she doesn't want that -- why she left it laying there...hmmm can't let that go to waste!" And folks, we know what happens next don't we? Because a toasted NY bagel slathered with all-natural organic peanut butter appears to be far too great a temptation to resist for even a well-mannered dog like Cody. Yes, Cody has countersurfed a few of my breakfast bagels and he has trained me to not be so careless with such a YUMMY treasure! This dog is so nice that it is kind of hard for me to be angry over a dog eaten bagel. Cody has a way of melting everyone's heart and endearing himself to everyone. "What a nice dog!" is what people say to him over and over when he's out with me in public. Maybe it is his mantra? Perhaps I romanticize and maybe his mantra is "Please leave the peanut butter bagel unattended on the kitchen counter, please, pretty please because I just luvs that organic natural peanut butter on toast...yum!"

At the vets office, Cody is calm, trusting, and compliant such that he will let you do whatever needs to be done as he gets his nails trimmed, ears cleaned, etc. He needed a bath when he first arrived at foster care and I remember his freezing up and being scared about the bathtub. He and I have worked on that and even though he won't jump into the tub on command like my other pointers are trained to do, he will let allow himself to be lifted into the tub and he will cooperate and stands patiently in the tub while I bathe him and give him lots of gentle praise and dog cookies. He's come a long way!

Since receiving dental care, Cody's teeth are now shiny and clean and he's more comfortable; he delights in having toys and chewies on which to exercise his teeth and gums. He likes to have hard things to chew on and I supervise him while giving him bones or rawhide chewies to satisfy his need to gnaw. For his safety, I put Cody in a crate while he has a rawhide and I feed him in his crate because he is a gentle dog who I don't want intimidated by other more dominant dogs within my foster home. Thanks to the high quality nutritious food (and the occasional absconded peanut butter bagel), Cody has filled out and isn't emaciated looking anymore. He's now at ideal body weight and looks quite handsome.

Cody would like to thank you for considering him, he's the type of sweetheart who is devoted. Cody wants to be your best friend and treasured loyal companion. Cody wants to snuggle next to his person every evening and he seems to want to be the first joyful countenance and happy wagging tail that his human sees upon waking up each morning and he'll wag his tail and smile in greeting when you walk in the front door. Will Cody continue with his good fortune by now finding the forever home of his most blissful dreams? Could the next chapter of Cody's life have you and your family as the shinning stars of his forever family? Since the next chapter remains to be written, Cody's foster mom has high hopes that this most deserving dog will find the cherished home of his best and most beautiful dreams.

If you are interested in adopting Cody, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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