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Great White Hunter!

Nary a beastie shall pass by this alert protector of the people. He shall alarm the household and fend off the intruder. Which is great IF you are afraid of Grand Daddy long leggers! Yep. Thatís what Tommy hunts. Itís very funny. He barks and shakes his head at them at the same time. Then tries to pick them up, which may make him sneeze due to the nose tickling. They get flung around and then they just arenít fun anymore...

Tommy is a sweetie. We donít think the name fits him though and think his new family should pick a new one. Tommy just seems too tough for him. He is very snuggly. Heís very calm and laid back. Heís also very gentle.. He went to an event with us where there were assistance and therapy dogs. A scooter and walker did not spook him. He put his paws up (by request) on a lap of someone with the assistance group, and they thought he would be a good therapy dog. Heís more than happy to sit and let you pet and love up on him. He still has the pointer goofiness with a flailing run. He is low man on the totem pole here and our dogs arenít much for playing, but he is starting to play more. He and our other foster pointer pounce at each other. We had a puppy stay overnight and she and Tommy had a blast playing.

Tommy is crate trained and house broken. He has been sleeping in our room at night without any problems except you sometimes have to tell him itís not his turn on the bed. We have also been leaving him out in the house while we are away, and he just sleeps and doesn't disturb anything.

Tommy is 2-3 years old and a tall boy who weighs about 55 lbs. If he goes anywhere cold, heís going to need a coat. His belly is almost bare! He is learning sit. He likes toys, but they get stolen from him here. Maybe you could give him some toys of his very own that no one can take?

If you would like to give Tommy a new home (and perhaps a new name!) please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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