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Everyone Loves Hanky Spanky!

I'm Hank and I'm a lucky dog. My vitals are: orange and white, male, neutered, 1.5 years old, weigh about 50 pounds, house and crate trained, HW negative and on preventative, vaccinations are UTD. Shortly after I was accepted into PRO, I pulled a Houdini and escaped from the shelter and got hit by a car. The nice PRO folks arranged for surgery 'cause I broke the neck off my right thigh bone -- I now have a FHO (femoral head osteotomy). I also had a fracture of my left front leg that healed a bit crooked, causing my paw turn out. PRO found me a special foster mom, and I went on a long car ride from central Tennessee to Raleigh, NC so I could go for veterinary rehabilitation therapy. I've turned into a real buff hound, walking on treadmills and doing obstacle courses to build my muscles so I can walk better; my rehab team called me "Hanky Spanky". I've graduated from rehab and now I can run and play and wrestle and jump as much as I want. My post-rehab work is that I need at least 20 minutes of exercise 4-times a week -- and I can get this running around the backyard with you or on walks. I'll probably always have a little limp, especially after a hard day of playing, but I can move out when I want to and give those long-legged red dogs of foster mom's a run for their money.

I'm a happy, affectionate, gentle, easy going boy who really likes people and snuggles. I like all kinds of people - big, small, boy, girl -- I like them all. I'll snuggle next to you on the couch and I don't hog the bed. I get along with other dogs very well (boy, do I love playing) and cats. I enjoy spending time outside, trotting around and sniffing, and stalking the song birds. When I'm outside at foster mom's, I periodically look in the window to make sure she isn't getting into trouble -- humans need to be supervised. I'm pretty smart too - I know sit, come, and walk on a leash. I'm looking for a family with a fenced yard to give me lots of hugs, and take me on walks and car rides. Another dog or two would be great. If you're looking for a hunk of love, I'm your boy! Please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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