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Is Jimmy Your Man?

I am not sure why I was left at a shelter in AZ, but that is where the people from PRO found me and got me into a foster home. It is not bad here, but I am not sure about this white stuff that is everywhere in CT. It is cold, but my foster Mom got me a nice warm coat and that has been much better. I like to go for the daily walks in the woods with my foster sister and brother we love to chase the turkeys and doves. I come back when ever I am called and even come back when Mom calls the other dogs just to make sure she does not leave me. There are a couple of cats here too, but they are cool.. Actually, it took me some time to get used to this new situation. I was not sure exactly what I should do now that I have the run of the house. I was crated at night for the first couple of weeks and to tell you the truth I was happy because I was a little scared and my crate gave me great comfort. I still use the crate when my foster Mom is gone for longer than three hours. I do my very best to be a good dog I play with the other dogs and I really try hard not to chew anything that my foster Mom says is off limits. I do on occasion get into stuff that I am not supposed to touch, but hey I can't remember all the new lessons I have to learn. Jack, my foster brother, and I play and cuddle together he is a good dog, but even he gets in trouble now and then. I heard someone say that I am neutered (what ever that means) have had all my shots, free of parasites, and I am heartworm negative. I do take these little pills to keep me free from that heartworm stuff and they taste good so I take them. I love the dog park and go to play with the other dogs we run around and chase each other. I love to go in the car and will be first to line up. I watch my foster Mom to see if she is going someplace hoping that she will take me with her. Everyone who meets me likes me so that must be something because they all say what a beautiful and nice dog I am. Check out that first picture of me in the field can you see how happy I am??

Jimmy has a very nice disposition and is very well behaved. He is shy around strangers at first, but warms up nicely. When he first came here he would run to his crate to make sure he was safe, but as he became more secure his crate was used less. He gets along with the other dog and cats in the house and is very social in the dog park. Jimmy is getting used to being a household pet and I think he really enjoys his new life. He is quite a beautiful guy. He would be fine with another dog or cat in the house. He has not been around small children, but because he is not very pushy would probably do just fine with younger children.

If you would like more information about Jimmy, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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