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Jack's Hunting for You

Jack wandered into a hunting camp in Pennsylvania trailing a broken cable tie out. He was emaciated, dirty, and his nails were so long it was difficult for him to walk. There were spiders living on him. The rescuer who found him had an idea from where he may have come and believes that he came directly to the camp from his prior situation upon breaking his lead, and did not attempt to return him to a neglectful and abusive situation.

Since being rescued, Jack has improved greatly! He's eating well and fattening up, has had those nails cut and a much needed bath. He's even had his ears cleaned!

He's 98% housebroken, and not gunshy. He's now a happy guy - tail up all the time! He's learning his name and learning to come when called.

Jack is in a private foster home in the Cleveland area right now. If you're interested in adopting him, please contact Jim at jlanga@wellmanproducts.com

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