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Looking for My Daddy (or Mommy) Warbucks!

Hi! Did you know Iím cute? Well, now you do. My foster parents say it all the time and they are right of course. I think part of the reason is cause Iím so small. I weigh about 37 pounds and am the perfect cuddle size. My foster dad calls me a pocket pointer! They mentioned the word attitude too. Iím not sure what they mean by that, but as long as they were talking about ME itís fine, or paying attention to ME. I am the center of attention and if not, Iíll make it that way. If there is a lap in the house, I will be in it. I am the definition of lap dog. I will get up in there one way or another. Even if youíre squatting on the floor and only have a half lap, Iíll do my darndest to sit on it. You might as well just sit down.

I am a little growly when I meet new dogs. More because Iím scared or need to seem tough. But once weíve been together a little, Iím fine with other dogs. I learned sit very quickly. My foster dad wouldnít pet me if I didnít sit and gosh darn it, I canít have that!! I like toys. Specially ropes and things that I can fling in the air (but not let go of.) Itís fun!

Iíve been sleeping in the bedroom at night, mostly on a dog bed but sometimes I get to cuddle in the big bed with the people. They like to hold me and rub my belly; not sure if I like it too much, but I'm a perfect fit! Bet Iíd be a perfect fit at your house. And I'm always right about these things, so get your application in. Whatís taking you so long? Did I mention Iím very photogenic? And cute, did I forget to mention cute?

If you would like to surrender your lap to this sweet little "orphan", please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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