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The Practically Perfect Pointer?

Hi World! I'm Pete the practically perfect pointer!

I'm a super happy and friendly guy. I love people of all types and I'm just a happy fellow. I'm good with other dogs and even with cats. I do 'posture' some with other males, but hey I just got 'tutored' (neutered...says foster mommy) so I'm still a little hormonal. But even when I'm posturing with other boys, my tail wags and my head is up in the air. Foster mommy thinks I'm 18 - 24 months old. I weigh about 50-55 pounds...I need to gain a little more weight. I'm an active guy. I like to play and romp in the yard and wrestle with the other dogs. I even do a little bit of a dance on my back legs when I'm sooooo happy to see you! Well, enough of me talking about me...I'll let foster mommy talk about ME now!

Thanks Pete! Hi I'm Pete's foster mom. He is a really happy go lucky guy. I think the male posturing is more of a 'will you play with me' check than anything else. He isn't one to start aggression with the other males, but he's not submissive or cowering either, so I want to let folks know that. He is super sweet and a fun boy to watch play. He just enjoys life. Pete is house and crate trained. He is young and needs obediance and leash training. That would be a great bonding experience for Pete with his new family...I highly recommend a basic obediance class for all new adoptive dogs...it helps the dog have confidence with their new people.

If you are the perfect home for practically perfect Pete, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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