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Sierra Has High Hopes for 2006!

This young orange and white girl was alone and pregnant when she was picked up by the law and ended up in jail (humans refer to it as the animal shelter). However with her personality and sweet demeanor she quickly became the darling of the shelter, and volunteers worked to help her get out. Luckily for Sierra, Pointer Rescue Org. was there. On New Year’s Eve Sierra finally found herself in a PRO foster home in Georgia.

Hoping to make a fresh start, Sierra made several New Year’s resolutions. Her first two was to lose weight and get lots of exercise. Apparently jail food, her surgery to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again, and weeks on end in a kennel caused Sierra to become a rather portly pointer. Her foster family have her on a diet and she runs with her foster sisters in the pasture. Her final resolution is to find a forever home.

Sierra is 2-3 years old and very personable and friendly. She gets along well with the foster family’s other dogs. She is not a bit shy about crawling into your lap. She is quite at home on a couch or in a bed. Sierra has shown herself to be rather well behaved in the house. She is very birdy and shows a lot of interest in the foster family’s homing pigeons and quail. However, she has yet to be field-tested. She does not like loud or sudden noises so there is a possibility that she is gunshy.

Sierra needs a family who will be willing to help her get back to a healthy weight and give her the home she deserves. If you think you might be the person to help Sierra fulfill her resolutions, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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