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Sweet Lucy

Lucy is a young female pointer, around ten months old. She is a sweet, sensitive girl who loves to snuggle up with you. She is very bright and eager to please. Lucy, however, is quite the escape artist, which mostly likely led her to the animal shelter, prior to coming into her PRO foster home. She needs either a six foot fence or an electric or invisible fence.

Lucy loves dog toys of all kinds, especially her football on a rope. She loves to run around and dance in the yard with one in her mouth. She is very athletic, with a thin, muscular physique, much like a ballerina. She is very graceful. She does not run, she glides and she prances rather than walks. Lucy takes on an attitude of royalty and is very gentle. She is excellent with small children and my boisterous, adolescent male pointer. She is also good with my cat, but tends to want to chase her.

Lucy is working on simple commands and leash manners. She is mostly house trained and is crate trained. When Lucy first arrived into foster, she cowered and was very afraid of men and loud noises. I am happy to report that with time, affection, and patience, this is not the case any more. Lucy is looking for her forever home where she can run, play and snuggle with that special someone.

If you think you are the right home for Lucy, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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