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I'm a Big Boy!

I'm Buck, and I am a good boy. Well, mostly!

I'm a big guy, around 70 pounds and am pretty well defined and muscular, if I do say so myself (and I do). My foster mom and dad say I have a handsome face and look amazing when I am focused on something. I am very interested in birds and have a strong point. It's possible I may have been hunted over.

I am a bit of a spaz when I first get in the house. Only because it's so exciting and I'm not allowed loose inside enough, but I am getting better. I will settle down and chew on a bone or hang out and get scratches. I LOVE the ladies. Not the furry kind, the human kind. I like guys too; maybe I lean toward the ladies cause they tend to love you up and fingernails make for good scratchins'. I'm learning some new things. I don't charge through the door now when I'm told to "wait" (even if my dinner's ready) and I've got that "sit" thing down pat! I'm better on a leash. I can walk well, but the person has to know how to walk with me.

The thing is, I don't get a lot of time loose in the house with the people right now. So, I'm not as good as I could be. That's because I don't play well with other boys. I'm ok with girls, as long as I'm in charge. I even try to get them to play once in a while - but the girls here are BORING. I should be an only dog or with girl dogs that have a dog savvy parent. I am very good in my crate. I am happy to go in at night when the cookies come out, cause I get treats in my crate. I've been doing great in the house. I have been going to the door when I need to go out.

I like it when the people watch me. I'll run around the yard as happy as can be if someone is out with me. You don't even have to play with me - just watch! I'll even dance sometimes. I have a good voice, too. I don't use it a lot, but I will tell you if you are taking too long to bring me my food bowl. I will carry around the bowl or play with it if it doesn't have food in it - water doesn't matter, I'll pick up the bowl and run with it! I carried my bowl all the way around the couch the other day and it still had water in it! I'd really like a home of my own so I can relax in the house and get the attention I deserve. Then I'd have someone of my very own to show off for. I need to find more things I like to do to keep busy. I have one toy I like to play with. I'll only keep bringing it back inside; outside I run, run, run cause you can't have it!

Buck is between 6 and 8. We think he is closer to 6. His front teeth are worn down from chewing - most likely on a crate or kennel. He is still very active. We don't think he used to get much attention, as excited as he gets for attention. He probably was kenneled all his life. He does have a bare line all the way across the front of his throat. Either he was tied out for a long time, or a collar was cutting into him.

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