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Molly Needs Your Help

Molly is such a playful pup. She loves toys and other dogs. She walks great on a leash, but enjoys romping and leaping (such a sight to see!) at the dog park. Molly is learning her manners quickly, but I believe she will need close supervision until she learns the rules in a new home. She needs to learn which toys are hers and which are not. She doesn't always know the difference. She is very smart. She learned quickly to sit for a treat or affection. She is a total love bug. Thankfully she's a petite Pointer because one of her favorite things to do is hop up onto somebody's lap.

Molly gets very excited at mealtime. I'm sure she will eventually calm down, but for now she is amazed that food (yummy yummy food!) appears twice a day just for her. She gobbles it right down. And treats have her bouncing with glee.

Molly likes to check out kitchen counters, especially if something smells good up there. With consistent effort she will learn not to help herself, but for now I try to keep my counters as clean as possible so she never gets a reward for looking up there. She's very good about going in her crate and will stay in there quietly while I cook and serve meals, otherwise the aroma is irresistible and she darts around hoping for a fallen morsel.

She has no problem with my cat, or the bunnies in the yard. She looks for them, but I think she just wants to see if they will play. She's only hunting for a playmate! Molly will gladly keep up with an energetic family. She is perfect in the car and enjoys outings with the family. She also knows how to relax and snuggle up to watch TV on the couch.

Molly is very trainable. She loves to please and she learns very fast. She could be a Canine Good Citizen in no time at all.

If you are interested in adopting Molly, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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