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Is Gage Your Girl?

Gage was surrendered at the local animal shelter by a trainer/breeder because she is gunshy.

Gage has improved immensely since her rescue one month ago. She is so much better about jumping and I am trying to keep her off of the couch! She has done fantastic with housebreaking - no accidents since the first week or so. She seems to do well with cats and after getting attacked by one of my little roosters, she is even hesitant about the chickens. She will put her paws on the kitchen counter, but is not terrible about it. The same with chewing - occasionally she will put her mouth on something and stops when I gently correct her. I would not trust her inside alone all day yet and keep her on a tile floored enclosed sun porch when I am not at home. She does not seem to be destructive. I do keep another dog with her and she gets along so well with my two and another rescue in the house. She has not tried to jump my four foot fence - yet. I would not leave her unsupervised, however. She is indoors with me when I am at home and sleeps on a dog bed on the floor beside my bed at night. She is active, but not hyper and absolutely sweet.

If you are interested in adopting Gage, please email Leslee. Gage is in Advance, NC.

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