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What a Sweet Dog!

We'd like to introduce Hershey (A1472), ACES's first short-haired English Setter! Ok, maybe Hershey is an English Pointer, but we love him just the same! And, we are lucky to have him. You see, Hershey had collapsed in a field due to starvation when he was only 5 months old. The ground was covered in snow, the weather temperature was below freezing, and Hershey was near death. At that point, he weighed a mere 11 pounds. Hershey was lucky enough to fall in a field belonging to a retired K9 officer. That good man nursed Hershey back to health and then contacted ACES to help find him a family.

Hershey is now 9 months old and 45 lbs, a picture of perfect health. He has gone from dying of starvation to literally jumping for joy! Hershey greets every day with endless enthusiasm. How exciting that everyone is awake! Hooray, now it's time for breakfast! Woohoo, we get to go outside and run! You just say the word and Hershey is ready...no matter what! He gets along great with his fur-siblings and the resident cat. He is wonderful with human kids too, but because of his exuberance, a home with children 8 years and older would probably be best.

Hershey is crate-trained and house-trained. He likes to sleep in his crate at night (we leave the door open), but he is more than happy to be invited up on the bed for some snuggles and snoozing! Hershey came to us knowing how to sit. Not only will he sit when asked, he will automatically sit for a biscuit, for his dinner, or to go outside. He has also learned down and stay (he follows these well when we are eating dinner), and he is learning drop it and leave it. He will also come when called from the backyard. Hershey would love to continue his obedience training with his new family.

Hershey requires a good amount of daily exercise. How wonderful it would be if Hershey found a fellow runner in his family! If running is not your sport, Hershey can teach you how to play fetch. He loves balls of any shape and size. Now that he has learned 'drop it', the game is fun for everyone! He is currently trained on an invisible fence and likes to spend time outside playing chase and tackle with his fur-brothers or playing by himself with his ball (see pictures). He doesn't seem very interested in birds but enjoys the outdoors nonetheless. Once evening comes, Hershey is happy to settle down in the family room. He will curl up on the dog bed or happily join you on the sofa. For as much as Hershey is a man's dog outside (rough and ready), he is a mama's boy in the house. He melts against you as you stroke his fur, closes his eyes, and simply soaks up the love.

Hershey is enjoying his second chance at life...there is no doubt about that! He's just waiting to share his joy with his new family. Are you game?

Hershey is in the care of Another Chance for English Setters (ACES) rescue in IL. If you would like to adopt him, please email Heidi Janss at heidijanss@comcast.net. Or go to www.englishsetterrescue.org

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