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Lady in Need

Lady is a five-year-old, 56-pound, liver and white purebred field Pointer looking for a loving home. Lady is low-maintenance, house-trained and respectful of household items. This little Pointer is energetic and playful too. She enjoys the company of other dogs and humans of all ages. While playing, she has a funny habit of stomping her paws and moving from side to side to get her playmates off balance before she wrestles with them. Lady will sleep at the foot of your bed and in the morning will wake you with ever so gentle licks.

Lady has a very strong instinct for birding. Little scars on her definitely indicate she has spent a lot of time in the field working. When she spots a bird, she freezes and performs the classic point technique until she is acknowledged. She then barks at the bird to get it in flight. Indoors she enjoys looking out the windows searching for birds.

Lady was rescued from a municipality shelter that scheduled her to be euthanized. She came into our rescue program with many medical problems that included Giardia (protozoan parasite), hook, round, and whip worms, Canine ehrlichiosis (transmitted by ticks), Heartworm, and a tumor growth in one of her mammary glands. Because of her physical appearance, her blah disposition, and medical problems, the vet offered little hope of recovery and placed her on a guarded watch marked for significant improvement.

Lady was rescued a second time by being placed into a foster home where she got special care, high quality food, comfortable living conditions, loving attention and doggie playmates, as well as the time she needed to heal and adjust. Her amazing recovery from all her ailments has even surpassed the vet's expectations. Lady is one remarkable dog that will fit into and adjust to most households.

Lady is scheduled to be spayed, is up-to-date on vaccines, de-wormed, heartworm-free and micro-chipped. If you’d like to meet and possibly adopt Lady, please contact A Caring Place Humane Society at 630-375-7976 or via e-mail at acaringplace@comcast.net or davepustek@aol.com. Applications are available on-line at www.acaringplacehs.org. Lady can be adopted with a $200 donation to A Caring Place Humane Society.

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