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Ozzie is a Survivor

Ozzie is a survivor of the Boat Mountain Tragedy in Arkansas. She was one of over 60 dogs out on a mountain, and was being fed slaughter house carcasses and old bread still in the bags. They were living in 50 gallon barrels for shelter. Most were extremely emaciated, some dead, and a few had to be euthanized. (For more information on the Boat Mountain situation, click here.) Despite the deplorable conditions this dog lived in, she is an amazing dog with so many more years ahead of her for the right home.

Ozzie is such a sweet and loveable thing. She is a bit timid around strangers, but she warms up quickly especially if there is food around. She has finally had her first taste of peanut butter and LOVES to play and chase tennis balls. Ozzie may have had a broken hip at one point, so she is a bit clumsy and goofy when she runs... both back legs together, almost like a bunny rabbit hop. It's hysterical! She craves having her neck and belly scratched and will give kisses very willingly.

Ozzie loves to play with her sister Lexie and the other foster dogs and is fully crate trained. That is her safe haven and she will often just go in to take a nap. Ozzie also likes to sleep in odd places... a hamper, metal racks, dirty laundry pile... as long as it is close to somone.

Because Ozzie had to scavenge for food, she will jump up on counters or knock over garbage if not put away. If left home alone, she is usually crated because she will search for more food. Ozzie has been very responsive to positive reinforcement and will do even better with a bit more training. The bottom line is that she is an amazing dog that will make a wonderful companion dog to the right family. She is just a love. For all the latest information about Ozzie, visit her blog here.

Ozzie is being fostered through Illinois Birddog Rescue. If you are interested in adopting this pet, please fill out an Online Adoption Application.

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