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Lexie is a Survivor

Lexie is a survivor of the Boat Mountain Tragedy in Arkansas. She was one of over 60 dogs out on a mountain, and was being fed slaughter house carcasses and old bread still in the bags. They were living in 50 gallon barrels for shelter. Most were extremely emaciated, some dead, and a few had to be euthanized. (For more information on the Boat Mountain situation, click here.) Despite the deplorable conditions this dog lived in, she is an amazing dog with so many more years ahead of her for the right home.

Lexie must be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She acts more like our velcro Vizsla than our Pointer. She must be by your side at all times and will likely need to have her head resting on you. She will give you kisses until you make her stop and she is very fond of food... okay.... VERY fond of food. So fond that you will need a dog proof fence. She scales our 5 foot picket fence in less than 5 seconds. She doesn't go far... the nearest open garbage bin (as she once had to scavenge for food), but she will likely do well with a large electric fenced area.

She is still getting used to a leash, but has been responding well to positive reinforecment and food training. She is crate trained but will whine for about 5 minutes. She loves other dogs, especially her sister Ozzie and she will usually try to curl up in the same dog bed with one of the other dogs. She is a bit noise shy (loud bangs and clapping hands)... but she is not afraid of people in any way. Lexie has had wonderful interactions with everyone who has met her, including small children (age 2). She loves to be brushed and combed and craves the belly rub. She finally figured out what peanut butter tasted like and loves kongs and toys filled with treats.

Lexie is very masculine in features and we often call her a boy, but she is a sweet little girl at heart and will make somone a great companion dog. She would do best either adopted with Ozzie or at least have another dog in the home. She knows her pack order well and would fall into place nicely. All in all, she is a huge love pig just waiting for her forever home. For all the latest information about Lexie, visit her blog here.

Lexie is being fostered through Illinois Birddog Rescue. If you are interested in adopting this pet, please fill out an Online Adoption Application.

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