Pointer Rescue -- helping to make a difference

Arrrr! I've Come to Steal Yer Heart!

Pirate is a typical young pointer boy - full of energy! Unfortunately, that is not helping him at the shelter, as people are afraid of his energy level. Like most pointers, being cooped up all the time makes him long for a good run!

Pirate was brought to the shelter by a family who had a sick child and could no longer give him the care and attention he needed. He doesn't appear to have had much in the way of training, but he has a great temperament and personality!

Pirate's time is running short in the shelter, and he hopes someone will come to rescue him before he has to walk the plank. Come take him away, and start a new adventure for both of you!

Weber County Animal Services
1373 N. 750 West
Ogden, UT 84404

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