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Want to Take a Powder?

Powder is a dynamic and loving young man that is looking for a great person/family to share the rest of his life with. He is still a boy at heart and enjoys chasing frogs, bugs, and birds in the yard. He arrived as a stray on our farm and after many efforts to find his home, it became apparent that, for now, he was home. He has been a joy to have around and his greatest contribution to our household has been the mole killing that has taken place since he arrived. We had been over run with moles. He will go after them and dig them out of the ground. He has had 4 confirmed kills. Most of our neighbors have asked to "borrow" him for a few days. He also enjoys running and playing on the farm. We allow him to run and play on 12 acres and he has a ball. It is important to remember that he is a hunting breed and I would never allow him to do this in town.

Powder gets along great with other dogs and children. He shows interest in cats (will chase if they run) but has shown no aggression toward them. We are working through our issues of walking on a leash. He would initially sit down like a stubborn mule but is making great progress. He also has an issue with trying to dig out of my fenced area that is not attached to the house. I believe this is because he wants desperately to be with us. I do not think he would do that if the fence were connected to the house. He has been neutered is up to date on his shots. He tested positive for heartworms and is undergoing treatment for that. He is only a year to a year and a half in age so he is expected to make a full speedy recovery. He is not currently undergoing house training. He should start that once he is past his heartworm treatment. I feel it is best to not stress them during treatment. He has come in the house and has never offered to "mark" a place for his own but he does not stay in the house. I cannot promise that he would not potty in the house, but he has been well behaved while inside.

Please consider welcoming this adorably loving boy into your home. He truly deserves the love and attention of a good home and family. Please fill out a PRO Adoption Form for more information!

Update:Powder has completed his heartworm treatment and has a clean bill of health. He stays outside most of the time but when he is inside he has had no "accidents"; however, I would hesitate to say that he is 100% housebroken. We also have many more confirmed mole kills. I cannot believe that there are any left in the yard!

Update 3/21/2007:Powder's been enjoying the Florida sunshine for the last four weeks. He's made great progress since arriving. He now lives inside with three other dogs and two cats - no issues at all. He rough-houses a little with our 2 year old German Shorthair Pointer but respects our two older dogs. He now shows no interest in our two cats. Powder is housebroken and crate trained. He walks fine on a leash, heels well and runs alongside a bicycle. Powder is also being e-collar trained and is able to run off-leash and come when called. We've seen no signs of any aggression to people or other animals. He is still a little frightened of loud noises but he doesn't run away, just sits or lies down. We're currently working on desensitizing him to this. Powder would make a great companion dog to an active owner but at home he is happy to sit in his crate with a toy and a bone and watch what's going on. As you can see from the photos he's quite a character.

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