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Lola is a beautiful 7 year old purebreed English Pointer. She was found in Bergen County when she was a puppy and was never claimed. Lolas current owners raised and loved her for the past 7 years in rural Northwest New Jersey but have to sell their home due to hardships. The residence they are relocating to will not allow dogs. She has been raised with another dog so she is very good with medium and big dogs. Also very good with children and family. She needs lots of love and attention and although she also needs daily exercise, it doesn't need to be a lot. 15 minutes a day in the yard is what she is used to for the last 7 years. She is still very instinctive and will try to chase a deer or jump a fence - however the current owners have had great luck with the invisible dog fence. Lola is a very sweet and loving dog. Her temperment is fantastic and loves to be with people. Loves to play tug a war with dog toys. She is gunshy\thunderstorm shy\smoke shy (not fireplace but burnt cooking) Lola would make a great pet for dog lovers and especially for those that like to walk daily. She hasn't been on a leash much exept for occasional hikes. The owners are searching for a home that will love her as much as they do.

If you are interested in giving Lola a loving new home, please contact Matt. Lola is located in Sussex, NJ.

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