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Senior Looking for Retirement Home

Henry is looking for a retirement home, preferably somewhere with lots of good dog food and good sunbeams to lie in.

As you can see from the pictures, Henry has had it rough. He was a walking skeleton when he came to us, but his attitude was absolutely wonderful. We could honestly see how happy he was walking around the yard wagging his tail and enjoying the fresh air. Heís got his weight back and is feeling pretty good. We figure heís got to be around 12 - 13. Heís seen a lot of life and has suffered some wear and tear. He has arthritis and his ankle joints are badly swollen (nothing to do about it unfortunately.) We give him a glucosamine treat and it has done well. He hobbles instead of walks, but he can really move when he wants to. If youíve got food Ė heís quick, and itís amazing how fast he can move if heís got something you donít want him to have!

Henry likes to talk. Not all the time, but if heís in his crate and needs to go out or is outside and wants to come in, youíll know it. And heaven forbid you are taking too long getting his meal! Youíll get an earful! Heís a real sweetie and awful darn cute. You just canít help loving the old man.

So, if youíre planning on spending the summer rocking on the porch or relaxing on the couch, Henry would be happy to keep you company. So fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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