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Duke Needs Your Help

Duke is a very handsome male who the vet thinks is a little over a year. He is very sweet and gentle with us, as well as our friends. He gets excited to meet new friends, but rarely jumps or barks at people or other dogs. We are working on basic commands, and spending lots of time running around! One great thing about Duke is that he needs and loves his exercise, but he also loves to relax and spend quiet time with us in the evening. If Duke hasn't gotten enough exercise, he will let you know by chewing on socks or other interesting things around the house....just give him another go around outside, or play a little fetch (which he is just learning with us) and he will stop.

Duke is pretty much house broken, but since he was a stray, we aren't sure if he is just used to going outside, or he is really housebroken, as he has had a few accidents. Once you get to know his signals he does a great job. We are also getting him used to a kennel that is inside when we are gone, and he has definitely started to get more comfortable with the idea, however I think he would much rather have a big fenced in yard to play in during the day.

Duke will need basic vet care once adopted, as he is not neutered, and since he is a stray, he will need to get his shots in case isn't up to date. If you want a loving, caring, spunky dog, than Duke is for you! He needs a forever home with someone who will hug him, run him, and feed him! I hope that you can find a spot in your family for this sweet boy.

For more information, contact Anna Everhart at birchswinger83@yahoo.com or call 317-797-3499. Duke is in Cumming, GA.

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