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Do You Want Candy?

Candy is shy at first in new surroundings, but warms up if you let her take it at her own pace. She has gradually adjusted to being in the house. Although there are still rooms that she does not feel comfortable going into, I think she has come a long way from being a totally outdoor dog. I feel comfortable in saying that she is, at this time housebroken, if you pay attention to her (she will go to the door to be let out).

She has a lot of energy and is a hard, rough playmate with other dogs. She does not dig as much if she has other things to occupy her time. Loves hard things to chew, like bones, and needs this type of thing to keep her mind off trying to steal other things from around the house to "eat". Crowds appear to make her nervous, especially a lot of people (at this time). Candy does have a high "prey drive" and would not do well around cats.

Candy is ready to find someplace to call her very own. If you are interested in being her forever home, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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