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Spinner Needs a New Home!

Spinner was brought in by Animal Control due to his owner's neglect. He had an ingrown collar. He'd been hunted earlier in his life but kenneled 24/7 lately in a 10 x 10 kennel w/chicken wire he'd gotten tangled in several times.

He is responsive to correction and when people are around he is a great dog. Spinner is a 5 year old male Pointer who is friendly, VERY active and playful. He is good with children, dogs and cats, and is friendly toward strangers. He is crate trained, and does very well when taken out regularly to go potty. He will go to the door to signal when he has to go potty. He is very well-behaved and quiet when he is in his crate.

He knows sit, come, lay down, off, no, and drop it- he needs reinforcement on his commands if he is distracted or excited. He enjoys walks (does well when worked with a Halti), is a good jogging partner, and enjoys car rides. He likes to cuddle on the couch and have his belly rubbed, and enjoys all toys and treats. He loves to play ball and frisbee, and will fetch. He is easy to bathe, and enjoys being brushed. He is a quiet dog who only vocalizes when he is excited (dinner time!)

In spite of all of these positive traits, Spinner is not the dog for everyone. He is, above all things, a bird dog. He is always "on", looking for a job to do. He was worked as a hunting dog when he was younger; he will stalk and "point" birds continuously when outdoors. It is fairly difficult to get his attention when he is pointing a bird, and he must have a secure, fully fenced yard or he will roam in search of birds. He can jump/climb over short fences, so he should go to a home with a minimum 6' fence (or be supervised when outdoors). His exercise needs cannot be met by simply running around in his backyard during the day- he needs a couple of long walks and a vigorous game of fetch each day or he will become bored and find a way to entertain himself. He will dig holes if left alone outside for long periods of time, and may chew destructively when bored (he does well when provided with appropriate chew toys).

Possibly because he was not fed regularly at his former home, Spinner is OBSESSED with food, and will search the house for it. When we first took him home, he would jump up on kitchen counters, take food wrappers out of the trash, and would actually try to take food out of our hands. A quick blast in the face with a spray bottle has helped to remedy this, and Spinner is a very fast learner. He is very smart and eager to please, but he can also be stubborn (especially when it comes to birds and food), so it is very important to be consistent with his training.

Spinner is a truly nice dog with lots of potential, and with continued training he will make a wonderful addition to the right home. An ideal home for him would be with an owner who has breed knowledge and previous experience with Pointers or other high-energy hunting dogs.

Spinner needs a permanent home (or a foster home) where he can continue his training and learn to enjoy the good life of a well-loved dog. If you are interested in adopting Spinner, please contact Melissa with Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, WA at 360-271-6221 or email to melsdogz@hotmail.com.

If you are interested in fostering him, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form.

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