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Kip (Kippy) is a much more confident and affectionate dog than the timid and traumatized dog who fearfully slinked into his foster home avoiding all interaction with humans in early September. After extensive post-traumatic care and training, Kippy is now well mannered and he does not have any issues with counter surfing or with nuisance jumping.

Kip's foster mom is a Harpist, very soon Kip learned the soothing qualities of harp music meant safety and love. Kip is 98% housebroken and knows basic commands. He has progressed in confidence such that he now actively participates in fetch games and he zooms around with his best friend who is a small pointer female named Robin.

Kip must have a calm and relaxed environment. This boy has had a traumatic life but now is on the road to being a wonderful, loving dog. He would best be placed with a quiet home and a loving family who can understand and sustain the training begun in his foster home. Kip seeks a forever home where once you've established his trust, he will adore you and treasure your love. He is a good boy who needs an excellent and compassionate, loving home. He is a young adult, lemon and white male. Kip is neutered, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative.

If you think you can provide the love and care Kip deserves, please fill out a PRO Adoption Application today!

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