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Dacks is Looking for You!

His story: We got an email that Dacks was at a shelter in Wyoming. None of the Pointer rescue groups had any contacts out there, and Dacks was up for euthanasia. I contacted a great adopter that adopted Darby from us four years ago. She adopted Darby from us while I was living in Massachusetts, but she had since moved out to Bozeman, Montana (and now we are in Michigan). Dacks’ foster mom said she was up for the job, and so a big plan was made to get Dacks up to Montana to his new foster home with the help of the shelter and volunteers.

His personality: Dacks is an awesome little guy. His foster mom adores him, and would keep him herself if her life was set-up for having two dogs. Dacks loves to run on leash, and would be an awesome jogging partner (his foster mom is a long distance runner so he’s had plenty of practice). Dacks likes to be a couch potato and loves sleeping in bed at night.

Other dogs: Dacks is great with other dogs. He is a mushy guy, and not an alpha, so should do well in any group. Some of the pictures are of Dacks with his foster sister, Darby (who was adopted from us several years ago).

Cats: Dacks is good with cats.

Kids: Dacks loves kids. He would be a great choice if you have kids that are age 8 and up. Dacks has been abused, so in fairness to him (and kids that should not have to understand how someone could abuse a dog), we are looking for a family with older kids or without kids.

Housetraining: Dacks is completely housetrained. He is also crate trained.

Fencing Needs: Dacks would do well with a standard or invisible fence. His foster mom has a regular fence, and Dacks respects it and does not try to jump or dig out. Since Dacks can get spooked, he is not a good candidate for off-leash running.

Hunting Potential: Dacks’ mom says Dacks is not cut out for being a hunting dog. Dacks has been abused, and there’s a good chance it was because he didn’t live up to the expectations of a hunter. Remember that our first priority is to find our foster dogs wonderful homes. Birddogs could care less if they go hunting or not, they just want plenty of outdoor time and families that love them. The vast majority of the dogs we adopt go to pet homes, where they are happy to chase and point bug, butterflies, and songbirds. Only about 1% go to hunting homes (where they are still spoiled family members).

Vet Stuff: Dacks has been neutered, dewormed, updated on vaccines (including rattlesnake vaccines!).

Adoption Fee: Please visit the Pointers From Oz website for information about our adoption fees.

If you are interested in Dacks: If you are interested in talking about Dacks and then coming to meet him, please call Erin at (517) 648-1666. After our phone interview, if you seem like a good match, we can set up an appointment for you to come and meet him. Dacks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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