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Stuart Needs a New Home

Stuey is a 6 year old neutered male English Pointer (55 lbs.) purebred whom we have had since he was a pup.He is fully house trained and has been crate trained when younger, but now is allowed free roam of our house. He is a great family dog, loves people and animals (except for cats, whom he may mistake for something to chase ), loves to run free or go out walking, or curl up on your lap. Shy at first with new people, he will warm up quickly. The Pointer breed is very adaptable to seasons, seldom barks (except to alert you when at home that a "stranger" is approaching), and has endless energy. Yet when left to himself he is quiet and at ease. His parents were champions and Stuey is registered as: "Stuart, The Earl of Wedgewood" . But as a family dog you would hardly know of his regal heritage. Stuey knows basic commands, and has had some obedience training. He has not been trained for field hunting. He is up to date on all shots and is seen annually at the Easton Veterinarian Hospital, North Easton,MA. He has no known heath problems and receives heartworm prophylaxis meds. Certificates/registrations/heath records can be faxed upon request.

Unfortunately, our family situation is changing. My daughter is off to school, and I will be traveling. Stuart needs to be loved a lot, and I must consider his well being first.

Ideally, the best home will be where he has a steady companion or family. There should be outdoor spaces for him to run, or a large yard to play in (ideally fenced). If you are a sports person, of course he is a great pointer by tradition, and will seek and point to your prize with zeal.

If you think you might be the perfect home for him, please contact efeldbau@comcast.net. Photos and a personal interview with Stuart will follow. Check out the "English Pointer" breed on Google. You will find that they are very special.

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