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Take a Chance on Me!

One day I was sitting in the shelter, waiting just waiting for someone to fall in love with me...I'd been there a long time, but no one came. Then one day a lady came and took me for a ride...I got to go into a house and had three dogs to play with, I got food, a bath, some shots, a collar of my own and a shiney tag. Then I went on another long ...really long ride all the way to Massachusetts to another home where there are KIDS! I love kids; there's another little puppy here too and another dog who is older and hey there's these things they call kitties....I'm not sure about them, I'm not allowed to chase them or hurt them, but I'm learning.

I know how to sit, cause when I do I usually get a treat. I sleep in a crate and I'm good in there. I know how to ask to go outside to pee-pee and I love to run and play. I'm still learning that I can't play rough, but heck I'm still a puppy at 9 months old.

My name is Chance, and this is my second chance to prove that I can be a great dog and a good boy. I'm really trying hard. Are you ready to give me a Chance....PLEASE!!!!!

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