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Hi! I'm Clyde. I have a very soft head and ears and they are good to pet. I'm happy to let you pet them. Just in case you can't reach, I'll put my paws on you. You did want to love on me, right? I thought so. So love me! love me! love me!!

Clyde is a sweetie and is very cute. He's got a great face. He always wants to be in your lap or have his legs across you. We can't really figure out where he's trying to get to, but it's always closer to you. It's almost like he wants you to hold or hug him. Clyde was found running around VA as a stray. He's around 3 or 4 years old. He's learning how to play with the other dogs. He's started wrestling and mostly running and chasing. He was fixed at the end of Oct. and is working on housebreaking. He's learning quickly.

He will go in a crate - but there should be cookies! He does like to sing, but he's usually accompanying our foster Jake. The two make quite the duo. Clyde is still learning house rules - in other words, you'll need to keep your eye on your remote control and shoes until he learns what he is and isn't allowed to play with. It won't take him long to learn which toys he can play with - most of our dog toys wander outside, so sometimes he can only find people things in the house.

Clyde would love to have a person or family to love him as their very own. Is your heart big enough to love Clyde?

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