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Tristan Needs a New Home

Tristan is a 3 or 4 year old pointer. He has a nice white coat with black spotted ears, and beautiful golden eyes. He is a happy boy who is very willing to please. Tristan gets along with all dogs, & would love to go to a home where there is another dog for a playmate - he plays well with males & females. In his foster home, he has 3 brothers & gets along fabulously with all of them. He has some separation anxiety, he needs a home where his human/s work short shifts or can take him to work - he loves car rides & is a calm passenger. Tristan walks very well on leash & has great recall. He doesn't have crazy energy like some pointers, he needs a good run or walk everyday and then is content lounging around in the house. He doesn't seem to mind cats, and true to his pointer nature, he is fascinated with birds & can watch the activity around a bird feeder for hours.

If you are interested in Tristan please contact Jenny at estherlillian@hotmail.com.

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