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Kiss Me, You Fool!

Mama Kissy is a phenomenal companion. She plays fetch and happily gives the ball back, is completely house trained, she knows to sit on command and comes when her name is called. She loves to hold your hand and just adores you. She is an amazing jogging partner. Her only major flaw is that she is slightly food aggressive. She has never lashed out or tried to harm the other dogs and cats. When food is out with other animals around she will eat everything in sight too the point where she pukes. When food is out and no other animal is around she eats exactly half of her food and saves the other half for later. She obviously has food issues that may be because of past abuse or neglect. When we first saw her, she was literally skin and bones. Despite her flaws she is very willing to please and just needs reminded. When she goes on walks she can pull, but when you remind her that she has to use her leash manners, she will listen. She loves to point and chase birds. She also loves when any good attention is given to her. She is not allowed on the couch and is very good about following this rule. She's very loving and affectionate and would just love for someone to call her own. She has had 11 puppies and 5 of them are still up for adoption.

If you are interested in Mamma or her puppies or just want to know a little more about her you can contact me at 412 638 8445 or at ForeverRescue@gmail.com. You can also see more pictures of this amazing girl and see her wonderful puppies at http://foreverrescue.googlepages.com/home

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