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Looking for a New Buddy?

Hey everyone, it's me Buddy. If my face seems kind of familar to you, you're right! My name used to be BB, but my foster family didn't think that name fit my sweet personality.

There's been so many changes for me in the last month. The biggest one was that I had never been in a house before! There were stairs, wood floors, and worst of all the t.v.!! There were so many loud noises! However, I'm well over that now.

My favorite place to be is in the back yard pointing at bugs and butterflies, but that can be exhausting so when I get tired I stretch out in the grass and take a nap. I've also learned that the kid's beds are very soft and if I wait for them long enough they will snuggle with me at night. Oh, I almost forgot - I always ask for their permission before I jump on their bed.

Currently my foster family is helping me with my manners like sit and come, they tell me I'm very smart and that I'm a good boy, then I get a treat (that's my favorite part). I've had a chance to check out cats and rabbits - they were very interesting but I didn't get too excited and my family said I did a good job.

This is a great place for a guy like me but I need to have a family of my own who will love me and play with me. Could that be you? If so, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and let them know that you want ME to be YOUR Buddy!

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