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Gorgeous Boy!

Can you believe my story? First, I found myself in a very affluent neighborhood in NY, not looking so affluent, but some nice people took me to a shelter and they made me look like a million bucks! From there I entered PRO and a very special person I call my Foster Mom, took me into her home and has been teaching me all sorts of fun things. She says I am doing better in the house and have accomplished several very important skills that all forever homes are looking for. I can sit, wait, walk very good on my flexi and even know "down" and "here". She gives me lots of love and I will do anything for love! There is one thing I just can't get used to and that is cats. They are fun to point and even though the cats don't think it is all that fun, I am pretty much preoccupied with them when I see one. My Foster Mom says that means I need to be adopted by a family who doesn't have any felines. OH, OH, OH, did you know how much fun it is to roll in the grass???????? I love to roll! Rollin, Rollin, Rollin! I am in love with rolling!

Please, oh please, take a look at me. I think I am quite the looker and really would love to come home with you. If you are my forever home, please contact PRO by filli g out a PRO Adoption Form

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