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Bailey Needs Your Help!

Bailey is a lively, 2 year old, lemon Pointer girl. She really wants to be a bird dog, she points and whines when we are out on the walk and she sees a bird. She has unbelievable energy, it really takes a lot to wear her out.

She gets along well with my other foster dogs but she is EXTREMELY playful. She likes to roughhouse and enjoys alternating playing the victim and then being the chaser. I wouldn't trust her with cats as she strikes the classic pointer pose around small animals (especially birds). I really believe she would make an excellent gun dog with some training, she has such bird instincts.

She is not aggressive in any way, is good with children but again, the energy level is very high and her stamina is something to behold.

If you are interested in adopting Bailey directly from where she is in Nashville, TN, please contact Jay with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue of Tennessee at 615 512-9259 or jaycam14@comcast.net.

If you are interested in fostering Bailey for PRO, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form today!

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