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A New Season in Her Life

Summer is about six years old, and was kept in a six by six pen for her entire life. On June 21st, "Molly" was rescued from her prison and since June 21st is the first official day of summer, her name has been changed to Summer. She is leaving behind the awful life she has lived since she was a puppy so she now has a new life with a new name.

Summer was a frightened little dog. She trembled and curled up in the back of the car during the transport. She had to be picked up and transferred to the other vehicles because she was so scared. She was immediately taken to a veterinarian. Summer has had no veterinary care in many years, if ever. The vet found hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, fleas of course, and she smelled terrible as she was forced to live in her own waste and worst of all Summer tested positive for heartworms.

We were afraid that Summer would be so neurotic from her lack of contact and her constant confinement that she may not be able to adjust to a life outside of imprisonment. However, Summer is now showing great signs that she can be a normal dog. She is responding to human contact and affection, and contact with other dogs, going on walks, being able to sniff and inspect things. Summer has even learned that sitting in a lap can be a good thing! She is still easily frightened of loud noises or sudden movements but there is every reason to believe she can become a “normal” dog. We are surprised at the progress she has made.

The bad news is that the vet said that since Summer has been exposed to heartworm infection for so long, she most likely has a severe case and there is a chance she will not survive the harsh treatment necessary to rid her of this fatal disease. But there is no choice; if she is not treated for the heartworms, they will kill her. This little dog has a chance at a life but she needs a forever home or a foster home. If you are interested in Summer or can help with her medical situation, please contact joce@charter.net.

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