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Tina Needs a New Home

Life is so full of surprises. I was sitting in an animal shelter on my last day, hoping and praying someone would stop by my cage and see I was worth saving. Lo and behold, my prayers were answered! Some very nice people with a local vet clinic looked past my skinny little body and graying face and took me back to the clinic for some R & R. They have taken such good care of me. I have all the food I need and the attention they are giving me is just what I desired. I have found out that I am not too fond of our other four-legged housemates, cats, so please keep that in mind. Now that I am safe, I am hoping to find my forever home and a family that too, can see how much love I have to offer. Yes, I am a more distinguished age than some of those young pups but that doesn't stop me from being a great friend and family member. I just know more of what I want out of life!

Tina is currently at the Eastern Shore Animal Rescue League in Chesapeake City, MD. Please call 410-885-2342 or visit them at http://www.easternshoreanimalrescueleague.org

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