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Jumping Jack Flash

Jack's the name, jumping's the game and I'll steal your heart in a flash!

I'm a young man. I'd say one or 2. I'm very handsome as you can see by my pictures.

I jump at the door (straight up!) and on people. I'm trying to learn that that's not the way to get attention. I just like being with the people! I'm still puppyish. I'm a bit mouthy sometimes (putting arms in my mouth) but not biting. I also like to steal things like blankets and towels to play with. Of course, that may be another ploy for attention, but I'll never tell. I will fetch a few times. I'm very lovable. I'll come put my head in your lap or try to get in your lap. I like my lovins'. I think I may lean toward the ladies a bit. I like sitting beside the lady here and getting petted. Snuggling is nice.

They call me "papa hen" around here. There's some puppies staying for a bit, and they're my buddies. I play with them, and take naps with them and generally keep an eye on them. I'm really gentle and have never even gruffed at them (all the other dogs here have.) If I have a bone, and they bug me for it, I'll get up and walk away. I won't growl. I've even let one take the bone right out of my mouth. Guess I'm just a sucker for little ones.

I would like to find me a buddy - someone that would like to play and maybe teach me some things. If they like to sit and watch tv beside me or with an arm around me, that would be nice. I think someone that would do some exercise with me or have some fun, then just chill out, that woud be perfect.

If you sound like my person, jump to it and fill out the PRO Adoption Form!!

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