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Reese Needs Another Chance

Hi! My name is Reese. My foster parents like to call me "Reesey-piecey" or "Little Bit" 'cause I'm a sweet and petite little Pointer gal. I was originally adopted from these nice folks at Pointer Rescue about 4 years ago when I was just a wee pup. I'm not really sure why, but my family couldn't keep me any more, so the folks from Pointer Rescue came and took me back.

My ideal home would have another dog (or maybe more) for me to play with. I'm really trying hard to get the other dog that lives here to play with me, but she's old and grumpy. Doesn't stop me from trying though! When she won't play with me, I can pretty much amuse myself by throwing these toys around and pouncing on them. I also like to run around the yard here and sniff stuff.

This place is OK, but I'd really like to find a new family of my very own. Could that be you?

Reese is a sweet dog who is very good in the house, loves other dogs, is housebroken and crate-trained and is also good with cats. She's a great little bundle of love that's just waiting for a new place to call home.

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