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Come Mix It Up with Mr. Swizzle

I don't remember a lot about my past- but I know that things have gotten alot better for me recently since I came to live with my current foster mom. I heard her say when she first saw me that I was a hide drug over a skeleton and now she weighs me weekly to ensure that I am still gaining weight! I have gained 12 pounds already and my foster mom says I still need to gain 5 or 10 more. It's hard though because I am so very active. It is extremely difficult and challenging for me to be still! I notice absolutely everything that moves, and I love to be outside during the day because I can point at all the birds that fly around! It keeps me in shape and I'm getting muscle now!

I love to come inside the house too, but I am still quite rambunctious. Foster Mom feeds me boiled eggs and these things she calls "Satin Balls"! I LOVE THEM! If you adopt me you have to promise to keep feeding me them! I am a little finicky about my dog food- sometimes I eat it really quickly, and other times I am just more interested in what is going on in the world around me! But my appetite is much better than it once was.

My foster mom takes me on long walks with her other two dogs and we have a great time. She puts me on this retractable leash and I get the mileage in she says. I just run around and around. Foster Mom says I remind her of Forrest Gump because I just run and run some more.

I sleep in a crate at night, and once I am tucked in you will never hear a peep out of me. I don't really like the crate but my foster mom has to put me in it at night because I am still not 100% housebroken yet although she says I have come a long way. I occasionally like to play fetch with the throw rugs and that is apparantly not a good thing! LOL!

I am really, really loving and I like to hold your hand with my mouth while you pet me. I think it is a security thing but I am getting better. I absolutely have to have a fenced in yard because I have to have room to run and if I am not fenced I will take off just like a greyhound at a race track! I would be miserable in a small kennel so please only large fenced in yards.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I love to go for rides in the car. I used to be real nervous, but now I love it and I just jump right in. You see all kinds of neat stuff when you are riding around in a car!

My foster mom is trying to teach me to sit and stay and come but like I said earlier I am easily distracted and have a short attention span, so it is an ongoing process. You will need to be prepared to spend some quality time with me to continue my training. I love to play fetch and am perfectly capable of playing with myself. Foster mom throws the ball or kong or stuffed toy and I chase after it, then we play keep away for a while until after 10-20 minutes I finally realize that she is just not fast enough for me, so I bring it to her for her to throw again. This is my favorite game of all!

Well, I am looking forward to having a family all my own to spoil and protect. I just hope you have a lot of energy and want to have a lot of fun with me! I would love some teenage kids to play with too!

Hey, if you adopt me you will be adopting a world traveller too because I have even flown in an airplane!!!! Wow, wasn't that cool! Talk about a birdseye view!!!!!! I'll stick to the ground for now though!

I hope you will call and make arrangements to come and meet me, I am looking forward to meeting you real soon! Please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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