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Rusty Wants to be Your Best Friend

Rusty came from a sad situation. His owner passed away and he was moved across the state and given away to someone outside the family. He wound up as an unclaimed stray in a dog shelter. Pointer Rescue gave Rusty a second chance and he is now in foster care in Vestal, NY. Rusty has a wonderful thumbprint sized star (dot) on the center of his forehead, gorgeous amber eyes, a muscular build, orange patches on his coat, and a flesh colored nose. Rusty is heartworm negative, neutered, current on shots, and microchipped.

Rusty is eager to learn and now knows how to sit, shake, paw up (to get him to jump up on the vet exam table and in the car), off, and is working on down. We are also working on leave it and counter surfing behavior. Rusty has been trained to ring a bell hung on the door when he needs to go out to potty. Rusty cooperates fully at bathtime and stands patiently while being bathed. Rusty loves balls and tummy rubs. His favorite toys are a Jolly Ball and a squeeky possum. Rusty would do best with a family who provides plenty of activity as he is a young dog and has a lot of energy. He has done so great with his training that he now goes to the art gallery where his foster mom volunteers. He takes his job of greeting customers very seriously. He sits nicely (because no petting is permitted unless he sits!) and offers his paw to shake. He shows special fondness for men and children - with a calm child Rusty will lay down and roll over showing his belly for a tummy rub.

Rusty doesn't appear to have hunting experience. Probably the only type of hunting to which Rusty is suited is sofa hunting for the coziest spot beside you as you sit down to watch tv. This sweetie cuddles and thinks he is a lap dog. Rusty wants to be your best friend. He provides much laughter with zany antics and offers sweet devotion to his human. Rusty quickly steals your heart. His favorite sentences are: "Who's hungry?", "Who wants a cookie?", "Wanna go for a car ride?", and "Good Boy!"

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